Descargar Dungeons and warrior M v2.1.8 APK + MOD(hanbok) Para Android

nombre Dungeons and warrior M
Categorí Casual
Talla 85.1MB
Instalaciones 3223
Desarrollador WHWL
puntaje 6,0
Descargar Descargar MOD APK
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información de modificación:

Dungeons and warrior M hanbok

Dungeons and warrior M Introducir :

Ten years of fight growth, continuous breakthrough and stronger, ten years of king of fighting classic legal work \»Dungeon and warrior\» mobile game, inherit the CHARACTERISTICS of 2D horizontal version clearance fighting game, classic four initial career, eight transfer to wait for awakening, hundreds of sets of skills and equipment combination, straightforward fighting ready to start. More familiar abysses, epic, multiplayer dungeons await the warrior\’s challenge, and Allard\’s adventure unfolds once again at the mobile fingertips!

【 Frank combo, only fast not broken 】

Multiple professional force system, hundreds of skills linked to follow the heart combination, there is always suitable for your combo secret skills, fighting duel straightforward by the heart!

[Clash at the summit, rally of the team]

Multiplayer challenges around the Apostle are once again launched on mobile, rotes Raid replica surprises and challenges coexist, more memory sealed ancient replica waiting for the warrior return challenge, Allard\’s adventure, once again open!

[Personality development, breakthrough and growth]

Stable growth system, personalized dressing system, super cute pet company, career growth never lonely, to the adventurer\’s strongest nurturing experience.

【 Fair competition, fighting new 】

The most fair growth stronger, instant PVP, and time competition PVE, are on the basis of fair personal growth on the continuous breakthrough stronger, fair fight to stimulate blood instinct, at any time to verify your fighting strength!

【 Extreme Adventure, Deep Challenge 】

Inheriting classic extreme fighting challenges, abyss epic, lucky flash, professional adventure matches strength is also luck, you are stronger than you think.

Dungeons and warrior M Captura de pantalla :

Dungeons and warrior M  Captura de pantalla

Dungeons and warrior M  Captura de pantalla

Dungeons and warrior M  Captura de pantalla

Dungeons and warrior M  Captura de pantalla

Dungeons and warrior M (85.1MB)

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