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nombre Happy Little Farm: Family Farmer Seaside
Categorí Simulación
Talla 57.2MB
Instalaciones 6209
Desarrollador Regex publishers
puntaje 6,0
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Happy Little Farm: Family Farmer Seaside

Happy Little Farm: Family Farmer Seaside Introducir :

Happy little farm is a game that requires family farmers to work on their farms. Grow a variety of crops on your farm near town ship: grow hay, corn, vegetables, fruits, and berries. Happy little farm game is for you to play every day these little cute dairy farms are going to transform the farmers to do all work required to do on a farm ville from planting, harvesting to buy livestock and breeding animals and care until they are ready for sale to its full growth on this tropic happy farm seaside. Build your very own big farm inn complete with island workshops, tropical crops, hay, and exotic farm animals. Plant vegetables and craft farm ville delicious food for the loved ones as this game brings extremely interesting and attractive experiences.

Grow your own food crops such as hay, wheat, rice, maize to provide factories to manufacture goods such as breads, rolls and etc. Upgrade your factory machine to increase the production line of your goods. Start from a small farm seaside to a Hugh good looking farm ville so that your friends are impressed meanwhile make sure factories are not costing a lot. Sell your factory products directly to the customers get the support of your friends, and create your own distribution network using your own shops located in city, you can become the mayor of the big farm town ship you can even change your staff if you are not satisfied with the output and profits. Better staff hired, better it goes but make sure to keep an eye on staff’s salary. COST < PROFIT.

Happy little farm brings to you one of the best graphics and amazing realistic sound effects which makes the farming atmosphere even more real. You are surely going to have one of best family farm seaside game experience.
Family farm is a great game to build farm seaside!

Happy little farm is a unique mixture of city-building and farming!

Build your own farm town ship! Harvest crops at the farms, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your town in the happy sunny day. Build your farm ville by trading with exotic countries. Open cinemas, restaurants, and other community buildings to give life in your own big little farm. To get resources and find ancient artifacts visit the mines. Have your own zoo and find animals from around the jungles of the world.
Get ready to become a farmer and city-manager to build your dream farm!

Awesome and fun farming simulation game. Harvest diverse crops to make your farm a success in the day and raise cute farm animals! It\’s up to you to make your dream farm seaside. Start building your dream farmland now.

Happy little farm offers wide range of decorations and to make game more interesting you get additional seasonal decorations, now make your farm ville look standout from rest of millions of farmers out there playing farm town ship game.

Products and services are locked down at each level. Move from rural to urbanized areas to unlock exciting fresh items. Each level have its own uniqueness.

♥ Customize your own farm.
♥ Crops, livestock and goods trading with your friends.
♥ Meet Customers requirements by manufacturing those goods.
♥ Harvest hay, your mature crops and breed animals for upgrades.
♥ Decorate and build your own pleasing alluring farm.

Download now one of the most refreshing and pure farming game!

Happy Little Farm: Family Farmer Seaside Captura de pantalla :

Happy Little Farm: Family Farmer Seaside Captura de pantalla

Happy Little Farm: Family Farmer Seaside Captura de pantalla

Happy Little Farm: Family Farmer Seaside Captura de pantalla

Happy Little Farm: Family Farmer Seaside Captura de pantalla

Happy Little Farm: Family Farmer Seaside (57.2MB)

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